Monday, September 15, 2014

DIY Dishwasher Tabs

I opened the cabinet on Saturday to get out a dishwasher tab, so I could start the dishwasher. The bag was empty and there was absolutely no money left in the budget for anything else. I was thinking about taking all the dishes out and washing them by hand when I remembered a DIY recipe that I had printed months ago and never tried. I'm so glad that I had bought some of the basic ingredients to make homemade cleaners, a few at a time, when I did have some money. So I had everything on hand, thank God.

One of the ways I save money is by making my own household cleaners. I stopped buying cleaners years ago. I hated breathing the harsh chemicals,  they didn't work that great anyway, and were way more expensive.

 So I  called the girls into the kitchen for a project. It really didn't take long to mix up, maybe about 5 minutes. The most time consuming part was packing it down into the ice trays. Which won't really be that time consuming for those of you who are not OCD, like me.

Most of these recipes I found online and this one is no exception. Go here to see the recipe and to try it yourself. Let me know what you think. Do you already make your own dishwasher tabs? I'd love to read about your experience with homemade cleaners.

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