Friday, February 15, 2013

Breastfeeding Part 1

I wanted to share this in hopes that I might help any misinformed new moms that may be trying or planning to nurse their baby. If you are pregnant and plan to nurse, please read now. Believe me it will be much easier to find and read this info now, instead of when you are frustrated tired and holding a screaming baby.

Let me just begin this post by saying that. I appreciate nurses and all that they do. I know  that they are really busy. I'm sure  most of the hard work and emotional stress they endure on their jobs is, to say the least exhausting. I am not in any way bashing or judging nurses.

Now for the question....  How do you go into the hospital have your first baby, leave that hospital, and have not been told how to unlatch the baby.

Well actually I know how. This happened to a friend of mine just recently. She never actually nursed the baby at the hospital because she couldn't get him to latch on correctly. So I guess since they were not standing there watching when she finally did get  him to latch then they didn't think to tell her.

Now let me tell you if you have no experience with nursing a little one. Then you may not be aware that they don't just let go. You DO NOT  just pull them off. When a baby nurses they create a suction sort of like when you are really thirsty and you guzzle from a water bottle and the sides of  the bottle begin to go in and your lips sort of suction to the bottle. You don't just pull the bottle from your lips you break the suction first, right.
 Well when you are done nursing your little one or it hurts to bad in the beginning and you just want to stop the baby from nursing for a minute. You have to break the suction. It is very simple to do. Just take your pinkie that's what we call it here, lol  (yeah your little finger) slide into the corner of the baby's mouth beside your breast until the suction breaks, then remove your breast quickly.

If you plan to breastfeed, please learn all you can now, before you baby arrives. I was one of those moms that thought. "If God made us to breastfeed our babys' it will come natural, I will know what to do" HAAA! After that first failure I learned my lesson, and  when I got the second chance with baby number 2 I spent a lot of time learning. It does not come natural to every mom and baby and it is hard for some. However don't be discouraged, if you are willing to learn and very determined you can successfully nurse you baby.

Series on Breastfeeding

I was talking with a friend the other day. She is trying to breastfeed her baby and she has had a rough start. I got to thinking about all the misconceptions about breastfeeding that I keep hearing from new moms. As well as from well meaning family and friends that tell these new moms some of the wrong things.

 I was thinking I wish I had a way to inform and help them out. Maybe a few more babys' could be nurtured by their mama's milk. If they just had more of the correct information. So I decided to do a blog post. Then I realized this will take way more than a post. Instead I plan to do a series on Breastfeeding/Nursing.