Saturday, January 7, 2012

Why is "Stuff" so important to so many people? Why does it really matter if you have a 150 name brand purse or not. Why does it really matter if you have a 1500 inch flat screen? There was a time when some of these things were important to me. Now, not so much.

What about you?

Friday, January 6, 2012

Wow, I can't believe Karabeth Mayla is 7 months already. It seems as though, I can almost see my children change and grow right before my eyes. I try so hard to take it all in, to enjoy every moment. I try to memorize there little faces. The first 3 months seemed so hard at the time. Nursing every 30 minutes and holding a baby almost constantly you get tired. You begin to think how will I ever get anything else done. Then it begins to get easier, you put the baby down to get a million other things done. Then you blink and gasp, you realize that in only 4 short months you will be needing to plan a 1st birthday party. Time flies, so make memories.

Here are some pictures to get you caught up.