Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pregnancy Update

Well we have been really busy around here. I will be 35 weeks tomorrow. Only 5 more weeks to go or less. Everything is almost ready. Course we are ready with the things you really need. Most of what is left can wait if it has to. Like I need to finish the quilt. I don't have a mattress on the crib yet. Since the baby will start off in our room in the pack n play I don't have to have that righ now. I really don't see me finishing a quilt with a new baby though. It would be nice to have the nursery finished.  The only other thing I really need to get is a diaper bag.

I think I have been having contractions off and on for a while now. Not the real ones though.

 My neice had her baby she wasn't due until June 5th. We went to see her twice this week and I think this has really gotten my girls even more excited. She only weighed 4lbs 4oz and then the next time we saw her she was down to 3lbs 14oz. That was yesterday. She up to 4lbs today so they are letting her go home.

Seems like I only have 2 to 3 weeks to me instead  of  5 weeks.  I go back to the Dr. Monday and will have to go back every week until the baby is born.