Saturday, April 9, 2011

Table runner.

My 1st two quilts.

When I get a spare moment, when I not homeschooling or cleaning. Wait a minute I'm always homeschooling even when working on a sewing, since I'm teaching my children to sew too. Anyway I found that I love quilting. I first started off learning to sew skirts for my girls then I tried quilting a little. I made these two baby quilts for my twin niece and nephew. They just turned 2 yesterday. I really need to get sewing since then I have only made one small quilt for Kaylee and cut the squares for Kamber Grace's quilt. A few months ago I  tried a table runner I finished the top but haven't quilted it yet and now I'm working on a play mat for my niece baby that is due only 7 days before mine. Last but not least I am also working on a baby quilt for our new baby. To many projects at once. Anyway I have some pictures I wanted to share with you of my first quilt and the table runner. As soon I take pictures of the finish the others and take the pictures I will share those too hopefully. 
What projects are you working on? I would love to see your fix up projects or crafts and especially sewing projects. Post them to my comments.

Time4Learning Review

Well, we tried Time4Learning for a month, time really flew by. It seemed it was over before it got started good. I used Time4Learning as a supplement to our homeschool curriculum we were already working on. The girls were both pleased to be able to do some of there learning at the computer. They also loved the reward of the playground time after the lesson time.

 One thing I found very helpful was that if I needed to work with my older on a subject that needed my attention. I could put my younger child  at the laptop, right beside me so I could still keep an eye on her work. I could log her in to Time4Learning and choose what subject or subjects I wanted her to cover for that day. It would completely explain everything to her.

She really enjoyed the work, she did get a little frustrated at the detailed directions she would understand the directions and be ready to begin, but it would still show an example before she could begin. Wish we could have skipped that part sometimes. Maybe we could have but I never figured out how. However there were times that she needed to see the example.

 It seemed that the level I placed her in was to easy for her. That's one of the great things about Time4Learning though, you can change your child's level at any time. I never did change it because I kept thinking she will get to something that is a little harder. I didn't want her to miss anything. Guess that just reassures me that I have been covering things pretty well with her already. Time ran out on my free trial before I had a chance but my plans were to move her to the next level and see how she would do there.
Also on the lessons that are just way to easy, you can just exit out of them and skip that lesson. You can have you child do whatever lesson you want them to.

My older child also really enjoyed the lessons and was challenged. She actually did some lessons on a few things we had not covered and some that we had covered. I was pleased to see that when introduced to these new concepts on computer she learned them and did really well. I did step in a few times to assist. To make sure she understood. You don't have to though the test at the end of each Time4Learning chapter would let you know. That's just the type of homeschool mom I am.
I could go on and on they have a parent forum that I'm sure I would have learned from but I just did not have the time to check it out. You can email or call support with questions. They have lessons from Pre-K to 8th grade.

Overall we had a great experience with Time4Learning. This is something I would love to add to our curriculum. I would especially love to use it over the summer since after a few weeks of hot weather and being off. I like to continue with a lite school schedule to keep them from getting bored. With a new baby due in June this would be very helpful. It will be very helpful  in the fall also.
Now let's talk about the cost of this curriculum. Now the price is not that high, especially if this is the only curriculum you use.  It's around $20 per month for one child.  For both my children it would be around $35 per month since they do offer a discount for more than one child, it $14.95 for each additional child.  For all of what they offer that's a great price. It's just that it's not in our budget at this time, but I sooo wish it was.

If you want to try Time4Learning now would be a great time, since they are offering an awesome special right now.  From now until April 30, you can sign your children up for only $4.99 per child for your first month. No limit to the number of students and don't forget there two week money back guarantee!

Click here to try it for your family.