Friday, March 4, 2011

Learning in the Moment

It doesn't snow very often in Ga. I remember on the rare occasion that the beautiful white stuff would fall from the sky.  When I was in school,  I would be so upset that we had to sit and look at those ugly walls and could not go out and enjoy it.  As soon as the final bell would ring. You know the snow had already stopped falling.

Well there isn't any snow falling here today. When it did this year and last year, you know where we were. .....That's right outside enjoying it. 

Today it is a beautiful spring day. It began with a light sprinkle of rain. When my girls went to the window there were American Robins, at any window they chose to look out.

These are the kind of homeschooling days that I love.  After our Bible lesson we grabbed our bird books and our Draw Write Now and learned about the American Robin and both girls drew a picture with some copy work at the bottom to add to their notebooks.
Now ordinarily we would have stayed on schedule and covered Reading, LA, and Math then on to our state study of the New England States that got started from a FIAR book.

Just this week my 6yo had told me 3 or 4 different times, that she wanted to study birds, butterflies, flowers and Indians. We have studied Indians before, so I started gathering all the books on birds, butterflies, & flowers that I could find.
We started on the butterflies yesterday and touched on the birds today. It may sound like I'm jumping around a lot, but actually I'm not. You see the state study will tie right back in since each state has state symbols and most of them include a bird or butterfly or flower of some kind.  As a matter of fact one of the New England States, Conn. state bird is the American Robin.

After,  there was still plenty of time for Math, LA, etc....

We are on routine that we usually do stick to. I also think it is just as important to teach a lesson when they are interested. I love to read a book and then when they begin to ask questions go off on a rabbit trail of learning whatever they are interested in.  Do you think a child will learn more from the same thing each day or from what they are really interested in at the time.

This is another reason I am so thankful to homeschool.

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