Saturday, October 16, 2010

Misson of Health

Well, we have had to change our lifestyle a bit more, for our health. I have been busy with this. Now that  we are beginning to get things figured out (hopefully). I wanted to update you. I also hope to get back to getting some encouraging post done.

Let me just say first of all that we love coffee in this house. Even my children love it. My husband loves it more than the rest of us. He is the reason my children drink it. Now before you go getting all upset. They don't drink it everyday.

I love the smell and really began drinking coffee,  just because my husband thought it was so great. I am very, very, very, did I say very, cold natured. So I just love holding the warm cup and drinking something warm, or as my husband says something scorching.

Basically it has come down to we need to drink more water (who doesn't these days). We need to get as many raw fruits and veggies, into our body as possible (again who doesn't). It is imperative for us. Dh has to lose some weight he's not fat, yet still for his health it has got to go. So we have to decrease sugar a lot. Especially since we were already eating healthy, walking, and  drinking some water.

Heres Our New Plan

Replace coffee pot with Juicer yes I know this is big for us, we havent even taken it off the counter yet. He just got it for Christmas last year, I am actually thinking I will make tea in it, when I make it. I wonder if there something healthy I can use it for? lol
Juicing, began with once a day. Now we are juicing at least twice a day.
Stopped making tea except on rare occassion.
Basically we are all drinking water, water, and more water.
There are no chips, no sweet cakes or hardly anything processed here.
I do bake from scratch things like muffins and cookies for the girls.
I have been doing that and making bread for a while.
We walk even if its dark. So that means we either walk in the house or outside just where the porch light shines. No excuses.

I am really enjoying the juicing, hope to share more about that with you later.

Please continue to pray for us I know that it is all in God's hands.


Evelien said...

It's so good of you to change your habbits! Difficult, I can imagine :)
My fiancée loves to eat healthy but since he moved out to live on his own, he eats more (he just cooks too much for 1 person hah!). And he buys cookies, just 1 package a week, but 1 package for 1 person is still a lot :)
I'm interested in hearing more of your changes! Don't give up, you're doing so good!

Heather @ Called to this Journey said...

Thanks so much Evelien, we are trying hard. I just pray we don't lose momentum. I will keep you updated.