Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Too much stuff

I get rid of stuff, I organize. The next week I enter the room, I just organized only 7 days prior. What do I see, you ask. MORE STUFF. Whoever keeps bringing  this stuff in here please stop.
Oh wait. It is the Fowler's isn't it. Including me. Even though I seem to be the most willing to let go of some things. I am guilty of bringing it in to.
I cleaned & and got rid of things during the winter, I did spring cleaning and summer cleaning. I tried to have it all in order, by the time we began school. Well we are entering our second month of school and there is still more to be done.
 I realize that cleaning is a never ending job. You have to constantly discipline yourself to put things in there place. Although I seem to always be trying to find new places for more stuff.  One thing that has helped me is not to whine and complain in the daily work of taking care of my home. Instead I work on training my children to help and put back with a joyful heart. When I find myself losing joy. I remind myself how thankful I am that I am home with my children. As I am picking up things my family has thrown down, I pray for them instead of fuss at them.
So I was reading blogs this week. I came across this lovely blog that inspired me to organize. Take a look at her laundry room. I am working on mine. I will post pictures of mine in a future post. For now take a look at hers and see if it inspires you like it did me.
I was so inspired that I organized my laundry room.
Completely cleaned out my girls room. (Thanks to my sweet hubby for spray painting the  bedroom furniture that we my mom & dad gave us.
Cleaned out the playroom/sewing room ( this job currently still in progress).
Still on my list:
Reorganize books
Organize my bedroom
Organize under sink in the girls bathroom
Be sure and subscribe to my blog to see how it turned out. Pictures coming soon.

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Tracey said...

Wow - you've gotten a lot accomplished! Around our house, we have the same issues - I clean out and organize, but before I know it, I need to do it all over again! Sounds like you have a wonderful attitude about the repetitiveness of the chores! I'm going to check out the blog you recommended.